Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where to Find Happiness

Once upon a time there was a man who, like many of us today, was desperate to find happiness. He didn't know much about how to go about it – only that it could be found where the sky touches the earth. He traveled for a long, long time. The deserts tired him, the sharp flint stones of the mountains cut his feet and the cold winds chilled his soul.
He stopped and dropped on the ground his head hanging desperately and his tears streaming down his face on his ragged clothes. He couldn't comprehend why he couldn't reach the place where the sky touches the earth. Suddenly he felt someone was standing behind him. He lifted his weary eyes and saw an old man whose smiling eyes made the traveler rested, calm and energised.
“Why are you so sad, son?” asked the old man.
“I am looking for happiness, but cannot find it,” replied the traveler.
“And where are you looking for it?”
“I am looking for the place where the sky touches the earth
“The sky touches the earth everywhere, son. The earth swims in the sky. Happiness can be found everywhere as long as your eyes are not blind for it."