Tuesday, October 1, 2013


You may already know this story, city girl goes out into the wilderness, but let me tell you how it felt. You may be familiar with the celebration of the Cosmic New Year on the 19th of August. Well this year I decided to partake in the dance called Panevritmia (Video), performed at the Rila lakes in Bulgaria. The night prior to the event I was overwhelmed with excitement and could barely sleep. I woke up at 5am and got up to go to the bathroom. I took a shower and returned to my room where my friend, whom had taken me to take part in this year’s dance, was still asleep so I went outside to wait for her to wake up. I sat on a bench outside the chalet and looked out at the peaceful mountainside. Slowly beams of light pierced through the tips of the pine trees and illuminated the dark sky. The rays gradually got thicker and eventually an orange arc emerged and pushed the fingers of light up till it formed a full golden circle - the sun. It looked like it was smiling at me as if to tell me “Today will be a day like no other.” by now my friend had woken up = she came out to join me outside. The cafe had just opened so we went in an ordered our morning coffees. The time came for us to head on up to the lakeside where the celebratory dance takes place annually. We headed over to the lift since as I mentioned, I am a city girl and don’t know my way around these mountains. As the lift escalated I saw birds waking up and singing their morning songs, I watched the dew roll off of high levels and the glorious wonders that we’ve been blessed with witnessing. As we reached the end of our ride I stepped off the lift car and realized there was still a fair bit of climbing despite the fact that we had been carried up halfway up the mountain already. I thought to myself “There’s no way I can handle this hike.” I turned around and noticed the sun still smiling at me and with a wink it told me I could do it. So I faced the mountain and started walking. Slowly but surely, step by step , slippery stone by prickly twig I crept up the mountain. Along the way hundreds of others passed by some stopped and talked to me others cheered on my dedication and there were those who motivated me with the sheer resolve that they powered up the hill with themselves. In the end we reached the lakeside where the dance takes place and I looked around at all these people who just this morning seemed like strangers and saw them now as brothers and sisters instead. We sat down to take a little break and one of the organisers came by to tell us that if we were going to take part in the dance we needed to take off our shoes and be wearing only the white robes we had brought with us. “Barefoot on this freshly cut grass?” I thought to myself. “If take off my shoes and dance in bare feet I’ll get back with bloodied feet.” I gave the sun another look to see what he thought of all this. He laughed at me and gave me a slight burn on my cheek as though to say “Come on don’t be such a sissy.” I figured “Well I’ve come all this way I might as well take my shoes off otherwise that whole walk will have been for nothing.” So I took one shoe off and lowered my foot to the ground. As soon as it touched the grass the fear in my heart was washed away with a warm sensation as it felt as though I just stepped into a field of cotton. I got up and we got into partners in a circle. I was a little timid because I didn’t know the moves but my partner smiled at me and said; “Don’t worry, just follow me and do as I do.” Reassured I started copying her movements. Pretty soon I noticed that the dance consisted of a short choreography that repeats so the first time round I watched my partner and copied. The following times I strived to sense the movements and feel what was happening to and around me. Every time I brought my hands I could feel the cosmic energy flowing into me and every time I opened up my arms again I felt as though my energy was going out into the world. It was like I was breathing this cosmic energy and each movement was an inhalation or an exhalation. I was a conduit for this exchange of breath between the universe and the Earth. Eventually when the dance was over we all took out some food that we had brought with us to share. We ate and talked about what we had just experienced. I felt so close to everyone as though we were one. Once the time came for us to return to the chalet we hiked down the mountain and I could no longer feel the prickly twigs and slippery stones, I felt as though I was floating along the path and glowing. I have to say that this was an experience I never expected and I recommend wholeheartedly that each and every one of you go and experience the wonder and the magic of the Panevritmia dance at the Rila lakes that is performed annually on the 19th of August. It showed this city girl a whole new world and I’m positive it can change your life as well.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Garden of Eden

To overcome the limitations and opposing forces in my life I must be conscious of my Divine roots. The words - "I am the good, I am the truth" relate to the Divine in me. They  relate to the great essence of reason in me which is from God. When I say "I" I have in mind the Divine in me. Only the Divine includes the good that comes from love and the truth that comes from wisdom. When I am aware this wealth of my it is impossible for me to renounce it. To give way to the Divine in me means to acquire this wealth that I cannot doubt.
To strive towards the best means to awaken in me the supreme consciousness - meaning the good in the world. When this consciousness falls asleep the evil will come inevitably. When love is absent hate takes its place. When truth is absent - lies take her place.
To avoid creating empty spaces in my life so evil, hate and lies can fill them as unwelcome guests I will plant trees bearing good fruits in every corner and every free space. Let my life be like the garden of Eden.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Nature of Happiness

Nature speaks in symbols and only reason can help you interpret them correctly.
You are what you think, what you feel, what you are aware of. You are your thoughts, your feelings, your actions.
If in times of trouble you are unsure in your thoughts you are a weak person. If when life is difficult your faith starts growing - then you are strong.

You are on your way to grasp the meaning of life if your self esteem is high. Only a clever, righteous, good person is respected. If you can see goodness, intelligence and reason in yourself you'll be able to see it in other people too. What you see in yourself reflects on others.

You respect people based on your self-awareness. You love people for the goodness, nobleness, and spirituality you see in yourself. If you can see these qualities in others you will love them. Respect to others means to have a high level of self-esteem.

How can you serve God?
By understanding that everything comes from God and that nothing compares to God. If you say to yourself that for God everything is possible - you will be prepared to face anything.. If you want heavens to be clear for you - you need to learn how to serve God, to respect yourself and to love your neighbor.

To make your dreams become reality you need to understand your inner life. Serve your spirit that is guiding you, respect your soul that bears your most precious essence, love your body and all those creatures who serve you because if the great idea that lives within you. If you treat yourself in that manner you will have a clear understanding of God and then everything will be possible

If you don't know how to understand the divine within your own person then even the most beautiful of your dreams will die out.. When you think about God a sense of power will overwhelm you and provide the divine energy that will help you develop all your talents and abilities.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where to Find Happiness

Once upon a time there was a man who, like many of us today, was desperate to find happiness. He didn't know much about how to go about it – only that it could be found where the sky touches the earth. He traveled for a long, long time. The deserts tired him, the sharp flint stones of the mountains cut his feet and the cold winds chilled his soul.
He stopped and dropped on the ground his head hanging desperately and his tears streaming down his face on his ragged clothes. He couldn't comprehend why he couldn't reach the place where the sky touches the earth. Suddenly he felt someone was standing behind him. He lifted his weary eyes and saw an old man whose smiling eyes made the traveler rested, calm and energised.
“Why are you so sad, son?” asked the old man.
“I am looking for happiness, but cannot find it,” replied the traveler.
“And where are you looking for it?”
“I am looking for the place where the sky touches the earth
“The sky touches the earth everywhere, son. The earth swims in the sky. Happiness can be found everywhere as long as your eyes are not blind for it."