Sunday, June 23, 2013

Garden of Eden

To overcome the limitations and opposing forces in my life I must be conscious of my Divine roots. The words - "I am the good, I am the truth" relate to the Divine in me. They  relate to the great essence of reason in me which is from God. When I say "I" I have in mind the Divine in me. Only the Divine includes the good that comes from love and the truth that comes from wisdom. When I am aware this wealth of my it is impossible for me to renounce it. To give way to the Divine in me means to acquire this wealth that I cannot doubt.
To strive towards the best means to awaken in me the supreme consciousness - meaning the good in the world. When this consciousness falls asleep the evil will come inevitably. When love is absent hate takes its place. When truth is absent - lies take her place.
To avoid creating empty spaces in my life so evil, hate and lies can fill them as unwelcome guests I will plant trees bearing good fruits in every corner and every free space. Let my life be like the garden of Eden.

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