Sunday, June 23, 2013

Garden of Eden

To overcome the limitations and opposing forces in my life I must be conscious of my Divine roots. The words - "I am the good, I am the truth" relate to the Divine in me. They  relate to the great essence of reason in me which is from God. When I say "I" I have in mind the Divine in me. Only the Divine includes the good that comes from love and the truth that comes from wisdom. When I am aware this wealth of my it is impossible for me to renounce it. To give way to the Divine in me means to acquire this wealth that I cannot doubt.
To strive towards the best means to awaken in me the supreme consciousness - meaning the good in the world. When this consciousness falls asleep the evil will come inevitably. When love is absent hate takes its place. When truth is absent - lies take her place.
To avoid creating empty spaces in my life so evil, hate and lies can fill them as unwelcome guests I will plant trees bearing good fruits in every corner and every free space. Let my life be like the garden of Eden.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Nature of Happiness

Nature speaks in symbols and only reason can help you interpret them correctly.
You are what you think, what you feel, what you are aware of. You are your thoughts, your feelings, your actions.
If in times of trouble you are unsure in your thoughts you are a weak person. If when life is difficult your faith starts growing - then you are strong.

You are on your way to grasp the meaning of life if your self esteem is high. Only a clever, righteous, good person is respected. If you can see goodness, intelligence and reason in yourself you'll be able to see it in other people too. What you see in yourself reflects on others.

You respect people based on your self-awareness. You love people for the goodness, nobleness, and spirituality you see in yourself. If you can see these qualities in others you will love them. Respect to others means to have a high level of self-esteem.

How can you serve God?
By understanding that everything comes from God and that nothing compares to God. If you say to yourself that for God everything is possible - you will be prepared to face anything.. If you want heavens to be clear for you - you need to learn how to serve God, to respect yourself and to love your neighbor.

To make your dreams become reality you need to understand your inner life. Serve your spirit that is guiding you, respect your soul that bears your most precious essence, love your body and all those creatures who serve you because if the great idea that lives within you. If you treat yourself in that manner you will have a clear understanding of God and then everything will be possible

If you don't know how to understand the divine within your own person then even the most beautiful of your dreams will die out.. When you think about God a sense of power will overwhelm you and provide the divine energy that will help you develop all your talents and abilities.